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Contemporary Tapestries
Klebanoff Studios LLC

&quotAt the Source
"At the Source" Collection:
Oracle Corporation, Tysons Corner , VA

Click on the video image above to see the Dynamics of Light on the artwork. 2010
&quotChanging Space
"Changing Space" collection:
Museum Modern Art, Nagoya Japan Installed 1993

Artist statement:

Fine Art can be a condensation, in the most striking form, of the highest ideals of a civilization. At its finest, Art transcends the immediate, elevating both the soul and the imagination. When people are in the presence of fine art, their worries lessen, their fears abate, and their sense of abundance increases.

Now more than ever, the world needs Art. As our lives become increasingly filled with the immediate demands of the practical, we need to remember that the best solutions, after all, are usually beautiful.

Art is a universal language, A document of the human spirit. Each of my works speaks that language.

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collection: Northrup Grumann

Artist Susan Klebanoff
Susan Klebanoff has been creating contemporary tapestries for over 30 years
Goldwell Corporation
Goldwell Corporation
Maryland Installed 1994


&quotView of Change
&quotExotic Floral
&quotPortrait of a Traveler
residential installation
&quotPerfect Union
Perfect Union