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Corporate Artwork Installations
Installations and Models
Oracle Corporation
"At the Source" Collection:
Oracle Corporation
18'H x 10'W x 2'D

IBM Corporation
Collection: IBM Corporation
Gaithersburg, MD
7'H x 20'W x 2'D

Blue Cross Blue Shield Headquarter
"The Albuquerque Box"
Collection: Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Mexico

BRITISH  Petroleum
British Petroleum Corporation

Goldwell Corporation
Collection: Goldwell Corporation
"Recycled" Collection:
Giant Food Corporation
Landover ,MD

Rabin Installation
Highland Park Offices
Bethesda, MD


"Housed In Memory"
Collection:Smithsonian Institution, Wash., DC

For the past thirty years I have worked extensively with clients, architects, and designers for site specific projects which enhance the surroundings in a very unique way. The multilayered tapestry technique which I have developed works well in a variety of situations because of the following features:
1. The depth of the tapestries plays with people's movements. As people move around the works elements come in and out of alignment creating a vibrant surface challenging people's perceptions of what's background? What's foreground? What's real and what's shadow?.
2. The designs have a graphic appeal at a distance which is important in creating an atmosphere in a large space, as well as, they have an amazing amount of intricacies of interest and interrelationships upon closer examination.
3. As illustrated in the slides, my imagery is very versatile and can range from abstract concepts to representational images depending upon which best represents the interest and needs of the client and the space.
4. I am a master at creating an original unique marriage of forms which relate to the clients interest and the architectural surroundings- as illustrated in the work "Recycled" which uses the grocery bags of the food chain and also relates in color and material to the sisal wall, as well as works with the concept of the clients interest in recycling. Another good illustration of this concept and versatility of my problem solving capabilities is the tapestry entitled "Cityscape" for the Trammell Crow Corp. which is one of the largest developers in the world. Here I have not only incorporated the image of a city, but have left openings in the tapestry so that there is a play on the wall that is holding up the tapestry is making up the material and wall designs with in the tapestry.
5. These tapestries work well in a variety of lighting situations that can create versatility and interest. For example, they may be lighted from the sides, above, below, or from the back as well as from in front.
6. The works are easily maintained. The Plexiglas on the top acts as a barrier to prevent dust accumulation. Also the layers are designed to hang separately which adds to the stability of a work and easy accessibility for any future maintenance.
7. The multilayered tapestries bring not only the quality of color and concept into a space as would a painting, and not only the dimensional aspects of a sculpture, but bring with it a unique kinesthetic quality that appeals to peoples tactile sensibilities. This is created through the variety of rich textured and numerous materials which are incorporated into the work. This also adds warmth to large, somewhat cold, sterile environments.

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Model of "At the Source"
18"H x 10"W x 10"D


Model for the lobby of the IBM Corporation
10"H x 25"W x 12"D

Trammell Crow Corporation
Collection: Trammell Crow Corp
Northrup Grumann Corporation
Collection: Northrup Grumman Corporation
Prudential Life Insurance Company
Prudential Ins. Co

Private Collection
"Vessel" Honeywell Corporation

Washington Post Newspaper
Lobby: Washington Post: Washington, DC
Rose Associates
Collection:Rose Associates, NY
IBM Corporation
IBM Corporation,
Washington, DC

Hilton Hotel, Hartford, CT
Marriott Corporate Headquarters, Lobby, MD